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Dr. Luka Powanga

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Dr. Luka Powanga is a distinguished Professor at Regis University and a board member of Awakening Hub, a comprehensive one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Renowned globally as a creative problem solver, visionary, and thought leader, Dr. Powanga has made significant contributions across various academic and business domains.

At Regis University, Dr. Powanga has developed and taught a wide range of courses including logistics, economics, finance, international business, strategy, and commercialization. He played a pivotal role in pioneering the university’s Online MBA Program, which has grown to accommodate over 4,000 students. As the Chair of the MBA program, he was instrumental in developing specialized programs such as the Physicians MBA and joint graduate degrees with Management Concepts, the University of ITESO (Mexico), and Ulster (Ireland). Additionally, Dr. Powanga was a founding member of the board that established the Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship at Regis University and served on the committee evaluating the viability of programs at the institution.

Beyond academia, Dr. Powanga is a prolific organizer and keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences, contributing regularly to significant global reports in the renewable energy sector. He has been featured on various media outlets including 9News and Dr. Powanga founded the Energy Africa Conference, the leading global conference on African energy issues, and he actively develops and implements energy projects, connecting international investors with opportunities in Africa. Furthermore, he founded and hosts the Executive Speaker Night Series at Regis University.

Dr. Powanga is also a founding member of the Denver Chapter of the Angel Capital Group and has been involved in the film “Hot Money.” His board memberships span several organizations aimed at advancing business and improving the lives of underserved communities. His unwavering passion lies in making the world a better place for all, reflecting his deep commitment to global development and entrepreneurship.

Through his work with Awakening Hub, Dr. Powanga supports entrepreneurs by offering financial support, expansive networks, and tailored services that meet the diverse needs of today’s business innovators. His contributions continue to shape the future of entrepreneurship and sustainable development worldwide.

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